I am so pumped this year as we prepare to relaunch with 5 new suit styles in April. Soon after we will be releasing stand-out vacation pieces including: tops, dresses, and jumpsuit styles that you will drool over. All will truly stand out in a way that is innovative, fresh, and unique.  As Poppy Seeds propels forward I feel obligated to disclose more about the designer behind the brand.... essentially myself! 

I am a ball of fire.... I enjoy long walks on the beach, and don't forget my favorite cocktail, a delicious mai tai! Well.....on a more brand related note and not so cliche, I am the eyes and ears of everything Poppy Seeds. Take a few minutes and get to know me by watching the video below. Smooches in advance... muah! 

P.S - Definitely take note of my lovely strap hanging from my shirt.... it wouldn't be me without a little hiccup. I make myself smile everyday, as should you!